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Flexible. Customized.
If you’re a high school student seeking an education outside of the traditional campus setting, Visalia Charter Independent Study has everything you need to succeed. There are many reasons students and their families choose independent study. Whatever your reason, you can rest assured knowing that the education you’ll receive will be just as good, if not better than what’s available to you at a traditional campus.
What Makes VCIS Unique?
  • We are the only WASC-accredited independent study program in Visalia Unified School District.
  • We are the only WASC-accredited independent study program in the area that is approved by the University of California and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
  • California Standard-aligned core curriculum and textbooks.
  • Pathways from grades 9-12.
  • Online Program
Why Students & Families Choose VCIS:
Early Graduation
Are you an ambitious student willing to put in the hard work to graduate early? If so VCIS can help you complete the credits you need to secure your diploma as soon as possible. We offer an accelerated curriculum for students who are college-bound or preparing to enter the workforce. Our flexible structure allows you to complete courses at your own pace. Plus, you’ll be assigned a master teacher who will oversee your education every step of the way and assist you if you wish to take COS courses before you graduate.
Credit Recovery
If you’ve fallen behind with your coursework, VCIS can help you catch up! Our accelerated credit recovery program helps students focus on completing the classes necessary to graduate on time. You may return to your traditional site if you choose, but most students stay! Many students find that they enjoy the learning environment at VCIS so much, they finish their diploma here and walk in our impressive graduation ceremony!
Teen Parenting
If you’re a high school student with a child or expecting, VCIS offers everything you need to succeed as a student and as a parent. Our parenting program offers prenatal education, parenting skills classes, and on-site childcare—-so you can learn while your baby is being cared for just down the hall.
Individual Tutoring
With smaller classes and a more personalized learning environment, VCIS allows students to learn at their own pace. We offer individual and small group tutoring to help you better understand the coursework and excel in the classroom.
Unique Electives
VCIS offers unique elective opportunities that are challenging, stimulating, and fun! From performing arts to health science, culinary, technology and much more. VCIS offers a wide variety of elective courses for students with varying interests. Students can also choose a classroom or independent packet electives.
Graduation Requirements
Visalia Charter Independent Study provides a rigorous program that meets the needs of all students. Students are required to complete 220 credits for graduation. These requirements are met by completing the following course of study:
  • (40 Credits)  4 years of English 
  • (20 Credits ) 2 years of math (3-4 years recommended)
  • (20 Credits)  2 years of science
  • (30 Credits)  3 years of social science
  • (20 Credits)  2 years of physical education
  • (10 Credits)  1 year of Foreign Language/Fine Arts
  • (5 credits)    1 semester of Health
  • (75 credits)  Electives (electives could be done throughout your high school career)