VCIS Adds New Campus

The new campus will be housing all of our 9th and 10th grade Supervising Teachers along with the math, English, biology, and other elective classes on this campus. This means that in January, all 9th and 10th grade students will be attending school at the new location. All 11th and 12th grade students will continue attending at the main campus, VCIS East, as usual. There may be some students who will need to attend a class on both campuses. All schedules will be available in December. Students and parents, please make sure to review your spring semester schedule with your Supervising Teacher to ensure you understand where your classes are located. If there are conflicts or concerns over your student’s schedule, please work with your student’s Learning Director to make any necessary changes.


As with any major changes, we anticipate some bumps along the way. With this new transition, we appreciate your patience and welcome any feedback that you may have with this change. Along with the letter, there is a form that you can fill out with your questions and feedback. All feedback forms can be turned into the front office. If you would prefer to fill out a form digitally, please go to:            *please note, the address is case sensitive. You can also find this form on                                                                                               the website in the news and announcements section.


We value your feedback and appreciate your continued support for the school.


Michele Reid, Principal VCIS